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Cornerstone Coatings

Vinyl Sprayer Labels - 4 Pack.

Vinyl Sprayer Labels - 4 Pack.

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Learn to Use in 60-Seconds.

Apply It on All Types of Concrete.

Your Finishers or Crew Apply It.

Anyone Can Learn Within One Job.

With Protec III: Original being so simple to apply you and your finishers can learn how to use it with our 1-minute videos.

Precast Manufacturing

Improve your finishes, cure, and prevent efflorescence with one coat, just apply after screeding or while finishing.

Learn more.

Commercial Finishing

Cure and harden your concrete with one application requiring no scrubbing or cleaning. Dust-proof afterwards with the same product.

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Polishing and Densifying

Decrease your cost by 10X to polish concrete with a simple switch to Protec III: Original.

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Home Construction

With one product you can ensure all finishing, curing, dust-proofing, and polishing go just as planned.

Learn more.

Curing and Hardening

Get it all in one sprayer, finish, cure, harden and densify your concrete with the same product.

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Troweling and Finishing

Finish your concrete with the same product, just spray it on for a trowel aid and cure.

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The Same Product for The Last 25 Years.

Protec III: Original has been trusted since 1999 on projects all across Canada, Australia, and The United States.

Learn how to use.