A Little About Us:

Who Is Cornerstone Coatings?

Now a second generation concrete coating manufacting business Cornerstone Coatings was started in 1999 with Protec III by Murray LeComte, a chemist by practice and an avid self-made inventor, businness-man and dad.

"If you mix it together and it doesn't smoke keep going."
After creating ovver 45 uniquicly formulated products the businsses concolidate focus to Protec III: Original (Originally named Protec III LSF Chem RX), it's now the best seller.

Familiy Canadian-based Business.

Starting from humble beginings in Bruno, Saskatchewan, Cornerstone Coatngs Is now a multi-national maufactering business reaching across Canada, Austraila, and The United States.

Simplifying the work finishers do everyday and delivering the upmost quility of craftmenship is the pride of Conerstone Coatings. Try everything and stay curious.