12 - Resolving Incorrect Applications.

How Issues Product Start, and How To Fix Them.

In situations where the product doesn’t absorb but instead dries on top because it was applied incorrectly, such as applying product onto of just broomed concrete, or onto extremely hot concrete, you can easily remedy these situations by doing the following:

Using a rotary pressure washer head attachment for a pressure washer, gently wash the surface after allowing the concrete to cure for at least four weeks after placing it.

Prepare The Surface, Then Apply Product Again.

Starting with the lowest pressure setting on your pressure washer, and using hot water if available, test and slowly increase the pressure until you are able to remove the product without harming the surface or stripping the surface texture.

Once you are finished, allow the concrete to fully dry, then apply Protec III: Original by following the Existing Concrete application instructions for as many coats as you desire.