10 - Existing Concrete.

Dustproof, Densify and Harden Your Concrete, Slow Further Damage.

While we don’t recommend applications on high salt environments like in northern climates where road salts are used, you can easily apply product to existing concrete in areas where road salts are not used.

Before applying Protec III: Original to concrete that has already cured, you will need to check that no sealers or other coatings have been applied to the surface.

To check for existing coatings, pour some water on the surface, if the water absorbs into the concrete quickly, and does not bead on the surface there is likely no excising coatings. Check a few areas before proceeding.

Once you have confirmed that your surface is free from any other coatings, wash the surface and let it fully dry, as Protec III: Original is not working as a sealer you do not need to get the surface perfectly clean.

How to Apply After Preparations Are Done.

Before applying product do a few small test spots, and let them dry for at least 30 minutes, if no whitening reaction occurs then you are ready to apply product at 300 square feet per US gallon/7.5 liters per square meter.

Do not apply product on very hot surfaces (30°C/86° or more), or concrete that will freeze soon or is already frozen.

Watch for puddles and spread them out every 10-15 minutes, Protec III: Original can be walked on immediately after being sprayed problem-freeThe product works by absorbing into the concrete, and it is dry when the surface returns to its normal color.

At this point feel free to apply as many coats as desired, having more dry time between coats will allow you to apply more product easily.