1 - For Precast Stairs.

Apply While in Mold or After Removing From The Mold.

Cure your precast by finishing the product into the surface while it’s still in the mold, or after removing it from its mold.

Great for broom finished surfaces where water curing can damage or discolor the surface.

Apply either during the finishing process, after removing from the mold, or both. – The most convenient application point is up to you!

How To Apply on Precast Stairs:

To get a trowel aid and cure in one step, just apply Protec III: Original at 350 square feet per US gallon/8.6 liters per square meter – 1750 square feet/162.6 square meters per pail before floating the surface, fully work and trowel in the product, then proceed to finish like normal.

If your stairs are partially in the mold while finishing, then apply at 350 square feet per US gallon/8.6 liters per square meter after fully removing from the mold, making sure that the concrete has fully dried before applying if you wash the stairs during production.

With Protec III: Original the surface can be cured without damaging your broom finished surface, and you will not need to water cure anymore.