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Cornerstone Coatings is a concrete coatings manufacturer based in Calgary, Alberta; and Houston, Texas who ships directly to businesses through their own end-to-end manufacturing and fulfillment network.

Specializing in producing the only concrete finishing aid that also functions as a chemical concrete cure and concrete hardener, all in one product.

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Cornerstone Coatings is a Canadian family business that was founded in 1999 with Protec III: Original, created by working closely with customers to solve their most pressing problems with one product.

With Protec III: Original labor involved in concreting is greatly reduced, workability and lack of surface cream is never an issue, curing is automatic, and common problems involving the concrete surface are easily prevented such as plastic shrinkage cracks, concrete spalling, surface crazing, concrete popping, and surface erosion.

When used as a finishing aid, Protec III: Original can maintain a silky cream in temperatures up to and above 105° Fahrenheit (40° C) while concreting in high wind.

Protec III: Original replaces concrete sealers, concrete finishing aids, white pigmented cure and seals, curing compounds, water curing, and other concrete curing methods.

Protec III: Original works by reacting with the weak calcium in concrete with silica to create highly resistant inert silica bound calcium which yields an exceptionally hardened and resistant concrete surface.


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