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Cornerstone Coatings is a concrete coatings manufacturer based in Calgary, Alberta; and Houston, Texas who ships directly to businesses through their own end-to-end manufacturing and fulfillment network.

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Cornerstone Coatings was founded in 1999 with Protec III: Original, created 22 years ago by working with contractors to create a solution to their most pressing problems with one product.

With Protec III: Original the labor involved in finishing is greatly reduced, workability and lack of surface cream is never an issue, curing is automatic, hardening is automatic, and common problems involving the concrete surface are easily prevented such as plastic shrinkage cracks, surface crazing, and surface erosion.

When using as a finishing aid Protec III: Original can maintain a silky cream in temperatures up to and above 105° Fahrenheit (40° C) even while concreting in high wind.

Protec III: Original replaces all trowel aids, concrete finishing aidswater curing, concrete densifiers and hardeners, concrete curing products, white pigmented cure and seals, and any other concrete curing methods.

How It Works:
Protec III: Original is a non-membrane forming product, so you can apply any product on top of Protec III: Original without stripping or any reduction in adhesion.


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Suite 241 | #100, 111 - 5 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 3Y6

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